Sunday School Lessons

April 29 2018

A Precious Cornerstone

We should not ignore the word of the Lord, but build our lives on Jesus Christ as our cornerstone and foundation.

April 22 2018

Song of God's Protection and Perfect Peace

Peace comes as we keep our minds steadfast on the Lord.

April 15 2018

Plans Formed of Old, Faithful and Sure

God's plans to save sinners, defeat death, and judge the wicked are faithful and sure.

April 8 2018

Judgment of the Nations

We need to humbly repent and seek the Lord, because His judgment is sure on those who do not obey Him faithfully.

April 1 2018

How Have You Fallen

Even when defeat comes to God's people, it is only temporary; because God will someday bring relief to His chosen people and judgment and destruction to His enemies.

March 25 2018

He Has Done Gloriously”

God brings salvation through Christ, by the Spirit, to all nations, to the praise of His glorious grace.

March 18 2018

Grace in the Midst of God's Wrath

God is just to punish sin, and the wrath of His hand can only be stayed by His mercy and grace.

March 11 2018

A Great Light in the Darkness

By the power of God through Christ, we are freed from darkness, and brought into marvelous light.

March 4 2018

Hope in Him

Our hope in the midst of chaos is to wait for the Lord, and trust His Word.

February 18 2018

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord

God is the lofty and exalted King of Glory. He deserves our honor and praise.

February 11 2018

The Song of the Vineyard

God invests much love and care for us; we should abide in Him, so He can bear fruit in our lives.

February 4 2018

The Beautiful Branch of the Lord

As we live out holy lives, God will protect us from judgment and be our refuge and protection.

January 28 2018

The Lord Enters Into Judgment

Since God's judgment comes upon the wickedness of His people, we need to repent of our sin and seek the righteousness of God.

January 14 2018

The Day of the Lord

We need to dedicate ourselves to seek after the Lord and not after the pride of men's achievements.

January 7 2018

God Has Had Enough

We need to recognize and repent from our rebellion against God and come to Him for cleansing.