Sunday School Lessons

May 28 2017

God is Just

God's judgment is just; He will punish unbelievers and reward faithful believers.

May 21 2017

How to Treat Each Other

We are called to esteem those who labor in the Lord and to love those who walk with us in Faith.

May 14 2017

God Has Not Destined Us for Wrath

Because of God's grace and mercy, we need not fear his wrath, but rather hope in the life we have in Him.

May 7 2017

Don't Grieve Like Those Who Have No Hope

God's promises concerning our future are an anchor of hope for our souls in the present.

April 30 2017

How You Ought to Walk and Please God

God's will is for us to live godly, sanctified lives. We should seek to live in such a way that pleases God.

April 23 2017

Abound in Love

We should thank God for the fellow believers He puts in our lives and pray for the Lord to increase our love for one another.

April 16 2017

You Accepted the Word of God

We need to receive the Bible as God's Word and allow it to perform its work in us.

April 9 2017

Walk in a Manner Worthy of God

Just as Paul and his companions ministered the gospel in godly ways, we should live our lives in a manner worthy of the God who calls us into His own kingdom and glory.

April 2 2017

We Give Thanks to God for You

We should thank God for believers who set the right example and send forth the gospel; we should strive to be that kind of Christian.

March 26 2017

The Conclusion of the Matter

Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.

March 5 2017

In God's Hands

Since our lives are in God's hands, we should devote ourselves to spending every day well.

February 26 2017

Being Under Authority

If we are wise, we will submit to the authorities in our lives and live under the fear of God while enjoying the life only He can give.

February 19 2017

No One is Righteous

Solomon recognized that no one is righteous. We realize that righteousness only comes through Jesus Christ.

February 5 2017

Money Can't Buy Happiness

We should not live our lives for things, because they can never satisfy. (see Psalm 37:4)

January 29 2017

Guard Your Steps

We need to guard our attitudes and actions in worship and center our lives on revering God and not chasing riches.

January 22 2017

Two Are Better than One

We need to walk with others in our lives, because two are better than one.

January 15 2017

A Time for Everything

Everything that God allows in our lives has its appropriate time; we should thank God in all circumstances that He is eternally in control.

January 8 2017

From the Hand of God

We need to seek the things that are from the hand of God, because all other activities leave us empty.

January 1 2017

Everything is Meaningless

If we don't center our lives around God, we will find it all to be meaningless.

December 11 2016

The Genealogy of Jesus

The genealogy of Jesus teaches us that we can trust God to accomplish His plans to perfection, and that He can use imperfect people to do it.

December 4 2016

Be Devoted

We need to be devoted in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ as we work together to both represent and present Christ to our world.

Sunday November 20 2016

Set Your Heart on Things Above

We need to glorify God in all we say and do by dying to our old self and setting our minds and hearts on things above.

Sunday November 6 2016

All the Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge

As we walk in the Lord Jesus Christ, we gain His treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Sunday September 11 2016

Look Out for the Interests of Jesus Christ

We can learn from the example of godly leaders to focus our lives on the interests of Christ.

Sunday September 4 2016

Work Out Your Salvation

Since the exalted Lord Jesus Christ became a servant and sacrificed His life to give us life, we should celebrate our salvation by working to make it as effective as possible for God's pleasure.

Sunday August 21 2016

To Live is Christ

Our lives should be built around Christ; so that whether we live or die, He will be glorified in us.

Sunday August 14 2016

Partners in the Gospel

We should appreciate and pray for the fellow believers that God puts in our lives who share in the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with us.

Sunday July 31 2016

Bear One Another's Burdens

To fulfill the law of Christ, we should bear other's burdens and not grow weary in doing good.

Sunday July 10 2016

Don't Become Enslaved

We should live in the freedom of Christ Jesus and not get bound to trying to keep the Law.

Sunday June 26 2016

The Law and the Promise

The Law was given to show us our need for the Promised Messiah; so we live by faith in Jesus Christ.

Sunday June 19 2016

The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

We cannot earn righteousness through keeping the Law; we must live by faith in Jesus Christ.

Sunday May 29 2016

No Other Gospel

We need to never turn away from the grace of God which is ours only in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Sunday May 22 2016

Examine Yourselves

We need to examine ourselves to make sure that we are in the faith and walking in the truth.