Sunday School Lessons

November 10 2019

The Justice of the Lord of Hosts

In our passage today, James echoes much of Jesus' teaching concerning storing up treasures on earth (Matthew 6:19-34).

November 3 2019

If the Lord Wills

Our passage this week focuses on the brevity and frailty of our lives. We should not boast about what we plan to do; instead, we should seek the Lord's will for our lives and be obedient to that.

October 27 2019

But He Gives More Grace

Our passage this week will focus on our propensity to sin, and how Godís grace has overcome the fact that by nature we are His enemies. We will see how truly understanding Godís grace results in humility and contrition which leads to living a life of grace towards others.

October 13 2019

Taming the Tongue

This week we will see how our words indicate what type of faith we have in God, revealing what is the true condition of our heart

October 6 2019

Faith and Works

Our lesson this week will examine the relationship between faith and works.

September 29 2019

Show No Partiality

As we study this passage this week, we will consider how holding fast to Jesus, the Lord of glory, will keep us from participating in the sin of partiality

September 22 2019

Be Doers of the Word

n this week's lesson we will be challenged to not just study the word of God but do what it says

September 15 2019

Every Good and Perfect Gift

Our lesson this week focuses on our sinful desires, and God's grace in salvation

September 8 2019

Count it all Joy

The opening content of Jamesí letter deals with the subject of facing trails in the Christian life.

September 1 2019

James, A Servant of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ

This week we begin our study of the book of James! We will see is how God transformed James from a skeptic to a servant and used him to carry His Word to the Church.

August 25 2019

At the Right Hand of God

This is our final lesson in the Gospel of Mark. As we have studied this book, we have seen the glory of Christ shine brightly. In this final passage, we see Jesus making appearances to some of His disciples, and we hear that even still, they were having difficulty believing that Jesus was raised

August 18 2019

He Has Risen!

This week we will consider some of the details of the resurrection account, and rejoice in the fact that Christ is alive, and that His resurrection gives us "strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow"!

August 11 2019

Truly This Man Was the Son of God!

This week we will learn that Jesus, the Son of God, endured separation from His Father on our behalf, and that through enduring it He has provided the way for us to have fellowship with God.

August 4 2019

King Jesus is Crucified

As Pilate delivered Jesus over to be crucified, we will see that the mockery He faced underlined the Truth of who Jesus was and why He came. Instead of saving Himself, the King of Kings willingly went to the cross to save others.

July 28 2019

The Son of God on Trial

This week we will look at the trial of Jesus as seen in the gospel of Mark, and also consider the Peter's denial of Jesus.

July 21 2019

The Last Supper

Our passage this week details Jesus last few hours as before He is arrested.

July 14 2019

The Last Supper

This week we will consider God's sovereignty and man's responsibility, and the new covenant

July 7 2019

Anointed for Burial

This week we will focus on the anointing Jesus received before His burial and consider how He is worthy of all our adoration, worship, and attention.

June 23 2019

The Lord Said to my Lord

We see this week that Jesus is the King of kings, and yet is not impressed with pomp and circumstance, but instead desires His servants to be humble and sacrificial.

June 9 2019

Testing the King

As we look at this passage, we will see the wisdom and authority of Christ on display as He faced questioning from seeking to destroy Him.

June 2 2019

The King's Arrival

Our passage this week sets up the final days of Jesus' earthly ministry, as we see Jesus making His triumphal entry into Jerusalem

May 26 2019

The Son of Man Came to Serve

This week we will see that Jesus came to serve, to the point of death, and that He calls His followers to that same lifestyle

May 19 2019

Treasuring Christ

Our lesson this week will examine how treasuring Christ is the way to eternal life

May 12 2019

True Discipleship

Our lesson this week focuses on Jesus' teaching concerning marriage, divorce, and children.

May 5 2019

True Discipleship

Our lesson this week will remind us that true disciples of Christ are those who humbly serve, and who boldly wage war against sin.

April 28 2019

Help My Unbelief

Our lesson this week focuses on Jesus' power and authority over the spiritual realm, and His grace towards us as we face the battle at hand.

April 21 2019

The Resurrection

This week will will take a break from our study of the Gospel of Mark, in order to focus our attention on The Resurrection

April 14 2019

The Transfiguration

This week we will see Who Jesus really is, God's love for His Son, our human nature, and God's instruction regarding His Son.

March 31 2019

Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees

This week we will see from this passage that to be Christ's disciple, we must come to Him by faith alone.

March 24 2019

He Has Done All Things Well

This lesson will examine the proper approach before Christ, the empathy and grace of Jesus, and the One Who does all things well.

March 17 2019

What Defiles a Person

This week we will consider traditions of man vs. genuine faith, and what truly defiles us.

March 10 2019

Christ's Compassion and Power

This lesson will examine the tender compassion and ferocious power of Christ.

March 3 2019

Rejection of the Gospel

Our lesson this week will focus on the rejection associated with being a follower of Christ. We will consider how the Lord is the provider of abundant life, even when we face persecution and rejection

February 24 2019

The Overarching Authority of Christ

This week we will see Christ's overarching authority over the curse of sin, as He shows His authority over nature, the spiritual realm, and the physical realm

February 17 2019

Parables Continued

As we study this week, we will consider A Lamp Under a Basket, The Parable of the Growing Seed, and The Parable of the Mustard Seed.

February 10 2019

The Parable of the Sower

This week, we will consider the purpose of parables, types of soil, and hearing the word.

February 3 2019

God Chose Foolish Things to Shame the Wise

Throughout this passage, we will see how Jesus accomplishes His purposes in ways that seem strange to the world, so that He might receive glory above all earthly institutions and constructs.

January 27 2019

Lord of the Sabbath

This week we will consider how relationship with Christ is far more important than practicing religious ceremony, how Christ provides Sabbath rest, and how self-righteousness effects the heart

January 20 2019

Christ's Authority Over Sin

Our lesson this week will explore where Jesus' authority derived from, and also look at His authority over sin, and His love for sinners

January 13 2019

The Beginning of the Ministry of Jesus

We will spend our time this week considering the authority of Christ's call, the authority of Christ's teaching, and Christ's authority over sickness

January 6 2019

The Kingdom of God is at Hand

As we study these first few verses, we will consider Who Jesus is: God and Man, and What Jesus Brought to Earth: Good News from the Kingdom of God

December 30 2018

The Earth is My Footstool

We will spend our time this week considering the overwhelming grandeur of the LORD, the proper approach in worship, and God's ability to bring joy out of suffering

December 23 2018

Judgment and Mercy

We will focus in on the first 16 verses of chapter 65, examining what the Lord has to say about Israel's rejection of Him, the judgment that they will receive, and His faithful keeping of a remnant

December 16 2018

O Lord, You are our Father

This week we will consider how Isaiah patiently waited on the Lord, understood the stunning depth of our sin, and recognized God's sovereign goodness in the midst of trial

December 9 2018

The Prayer of a Watchman

This week we will consider how the watchman of Israel pleaded with God for His mercy and grace through remembrance, confession, and lament

December 2 2018

A Crown of Beauty in the Hand of the LORD

As we examine this incredible passage, we will consider the Lord's passion for the purity of His people, the delight of the Lord in His people, and a call for passionate watchmen

November 25 2018

Oaks of Righteousness for His Glory

Our lesson this week will examine how, through Christ, the lost are transformed from lowly captives to mighty oaks of righteousness

November 18 2018

He Has Made You Beautiful

Our passage this week paints a beautiful picture of how the Lord's glory shines through His people presently, in order to draw the nations to Himself, and how we have the hope of one day living in the physical presence of His glory forever

November 11 2018

Grace That is Greater Than All our Sin

This week we will consider man's depravity, and God's glorious grace."

November 4 2018

The Fast That I Choose

Our lesson this week will consider misplaced motives, and that which is truly pleasing to the LORD

October 28 2018

Peace in Death

As we study this week, we will consider the misunderstanding of Christian death, the peace found through Christian death, and the restlessness of the wicked in death

October 21 2018

Soon My Salvation Will Come

As we study this week we will consider God's call to the outcasts, a heart set on God, and the gathering up of His people

October 14 2018

His Ways are Higher

This week we will consider God's call to those in spiritual poverty to strep into His glorious wealth

October 7 2018

No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper

This week we will consider how the death and resurrection of Christ has made restoration possible, erased our shame, and given us confidence for the future

September 30 2018

It Was the Will of the Lord to Crush Him"

This week we will consider the submission of Christ to the will of His Father, the will of the Father to crush His Son, and the incredible victory won by Christ through His sufferings

September 23 2018

Crushed for our Iniquities

This week we will focus on God's plan to exalt Christ through His atoning sacrifice, why the sacrifice was necessary, and the substitutionary nature of the atonement

September 16 2018

Fear Not the Reproach of Man"

As we study this week, we will consider the fear of man, God's faithfulness in the past, and man's weakness compared to God's power

September 9 2018

The Lord God Helps Me

This week we will consider Israel's continual disobedience, the perfect obedience of Christ, and the call to trust in His name, but the cost of disobedience

September 2 2018

A Light for the Nations

This week we will look at the Lord's perfect timing in revealing His servant, a foreshadowing of rejection, and a glorious purpose

August 26 2018

My Glory I Will Not Give to Another

Our lesson this week will cover the rebellious hearts of man, God's zeal for His own glory, and the blessings of obedience

August 19 2018

I Will Carry and Will Save

This week we will consider The Burden and Futility of Idolatry, The One Who Carries Us, and The One Whose Plans are Certain

August 12 2018

Every Knee Will Bow

Since God is our Maker and Deliverer, we should bow our knees to His Lordship over our lives

August 5 2018

Apart from Me There is No God

We need to recognize God as the only God and praise Him for His grace and greatness.

July 29 2018

When you walk Through the Fire

Today we will consider God's overwhelming love for His children, God's plan in the fire and the flood, and God's glory in our salivation and our trials

July 22 2018

Behold My Servant

We will consider from our passage this week how Christ came in humility, Christ came for the nations, and Christ came by the will of the Father

July 15 2018

Upheld by God's Righteous Right Hand

We will spend our time this week considering how salvation is brought about by God, salvation is sustained by God, and salvation leads to joy in God.

July 8 2018

The Everlasting God

This week our lesson will examine the overwhelming grandeur of God and His strength in our weakness

July 1 2018

The Word of our God Will Stand Forever

We will consider this week the hope and comfort the Lord promises His people in the future, as they prepare to face Babylonian captivity

June 24 2018

Look to God, not to Man

Our lesson this week reminds us of God's faithfulness and compassion, man's forgetfulness and pride, and God's faithfulness to His own glory

June 17 2018

For the sake of His Glory

This week's lesson will focus on seeking godly counsel in the midst of turmoil, seeking the Lord in prayer in the midst of turmoil, and God's miraculous faithfulness in the midst of turmoil."

June 10 2018

Enemy Tactics

This week we will consider how the enemy often seeks to destroy us by reminding us of our failures, offering the world's goods, and telling lies about God, and will be reminded of the truth about where our hope lies

June 3 2018

The Redemptive Power of Christ over the Curse of Sin

Christ's redemptive power will one day make all things new, and will keep us on the Way of Holiness until that day comes

May 27 2018

The Certainty of God's Word

This week we will consider: Our Need to Seek and Read from the Book of the Lord, The Absolute Certainty of God's Word, and How the Truth of God's Word is Carried Out.Our Need to Seek and Read from the Book of the Lord, The Absolute Certainty of God's Word, and How the Truth of God's Word is Carried Out.

May 20 2018

The Stability of Your Times

In our lesson this week, we will consider that The Lord fights on our behalf, The Lord pours out His Spirit, and The Lord is exalted, and dwells on high."

May 13 2018

Plans Not of the Spirit

Our passage this week speaks to the issue of making plans apart from seeking the Lord.

May 6 2018

The Perils of Disingenuous Worship

In this chapter, we see once again that God is going to bring judgment on His people, as well as those who come against them

April 29 2018

A Precious Cornerstone

We should not ignore the word of the Lord, but build our lives on Jesus Christ as our cornerstone and foundation.

April 22 2018

Song of God's Protection and Perfect Peace

Peace comes as we keep our minds steadfast on the Lord.

April 15 2018

Plans Formed of Old, Faithful and Sure

God's plans to save sinners, defeat death, and judge the wicked are faithful and sure.

April 8 2018

Judgment of the Nations

We need to humbly repent and seek the Lord, because His judgment is sure on those who do not obey Him faithfully.

April 1 2018

How Have You Fallen

Even when defeat comes to God's people, it is only temporary; because God will someday bring relief to His chosen people and judgment and destruction to His enemies.

March 25 2018

He Has Done GloriouslyĒ

God brings salvation through Christ, by the Spirit, to all nations, to the praise of His glorious grace.

March 18 2018

Grace in the Midst of God's Wrath

God is just to punish sin, and the wrath of His hand can only be stayed by His mercy and grace.

March 11 2018

A Great Light in the Darkness

By the power of God through Christ, we are freed from darkness, and brought into marvelous light.

March 4 2018

Hope in Him

Our hope in the midst of chaos is to wait for the Lord, and trust His Word.

February 18 2018

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord

God is the lofty and exalted King of Glory. He deserves our honor and praise.

February 11 2018

The Song of the Vineyard

God invests much love and care for us; we should abide in Him, so He can bear fruit in our lives.

February 4 2018

The Beautiful Branch of the Lord

As we live out holy lives, God will protect us from judgment and be our refuge and protection.

January 28 2018

The Lord Enters Into Judgment

Since God's judgment comes upon the wickedness of His people, we need to repent of our sin and seek the righteousness of God.

January 14 2018

The Day of the Lord

We need to dedicate ourselves to seek after the Lord and not after the pride of men's achievements.

January 7 2018

God Has Had Enough

We need to recognize and repent from our rebellion against God and come to Him for cleansing.