Sunday School Lessons

December 31 2017

Be Ready to Do What is Good

1 Remind them to be subject to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed

December 24 2017

Teach what is Appropriate

1 But as for you, speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.

December 17 2017

Silence the Rebellious

False teachers and false doctrine seemed to plague all the churches in the New Testament.

December 10 2017

Qualifications of Elders

As we begin Paul's letter to Titus, we know from verse 5 that Paul and Titus had ministered together in Crete.

December 3 2017

Finish the Race and Keep the Faith

We need to fight the good fight, finish the course, and keep the faith.

November 26 2017

Be Ready to Preach the Word

We need to hold firmly to the Word of God and its sound doctrine as we fulfill our ministry.

November 19 2017

The Power of the Word of God

In a world full of false teachers and persecution, the Word of God is essential for the saving and continuing faith of every believer.

November 12 2017

Terrible Times in the Last Days

: We need to turn away from the wickedness and worldliness of false religion, and let the power of God keep us in the Truth in these last days.

November 5 2017

Holy and Useful to the Master

We need to seek the cleansing of the Lord, so that we can be someone He can use for His honor.

October 29 2017

One Who Doesn't Need to be Ashamed

As we diligently study God's Word and handle it rightly, it leads us to avoid falsehood and stand on God's firm foundation.

October 22 2017

The Process of Discipleship

We need to grow in the truths and grace of the Gospel and share those truths with others, so that the Gospel continues to bear fruit.

October 15 2017

Because of God's Own Purpose and Grace

As we trust the purpose and grace of God in our lives, we are able to endure whatever suffering comes our way with hope and strength.

October 8 2017

Fan into Flames the Gift of God in You

We need a sincere faith driven by a spirit of power and love and discipline.

October 1 2017

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

We need to flee from worldly pursuits and chase hard after the attributes of godliness.

September 17 2017

How to Treat Elders

We should honor faithful ministers, rebuke unfaithful ones, and be careful about who we ordain.

September 10 2017

Caring for the Aged

As believers we must learn to care for our families and not expect the church to do it for us.

September 3 2017

Set an Example for the Believers

We need to live and speak in such a way as to be an example for other believers.

August 27 2017

Training for Godliness

Since we have our hope fixed on God, we should discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness and the profit it brings to our lives.

August 20 2017

Don't Follow What's False

We need to guard ourselves from being led astray by deceitful spirits and false doctrines.

August 13 2017

An Early Christian Hymn

We need to support the truth of our common confession that centers in the saving work of Jesus Christ.

August 6 2017

Deacons are to be Worthy of Respect

The church needs servants who love the Lord and His people.

July 30 2017

Being an Overseer is a Noble Task

All believers should strive to live up to the characteristics required of their overseers.

July 23 2017

Instructions for Men and Women

We need to serve in the local church in accordance to the ways that God instructs us.

July 16 2017

Pray for Those in Authority

We should pray for those in authority so that we can live peaceful and godly lives and share Christ Jesus freely with those around us.

July 9 2017

Not What I Once Was

We should praise God that we are not what we once were, but have received His grace and mercy in Christ Jesus our Lord.

July 2 2017

Love Loves the Truth

We should love the truth and hold to the sound teaching of the Gospel.

June 25 2017

Avoid the Idle and Disruptive

We are to avoid people who are idle and disruptive and be people who work well.

June 18 2017

The Prayer Direction

We should pray that the Lord's word and work spread rapidly and is glorified in us.

June 11 2017

Stand Firm and Hold Fast

We need to stand firm and hold fast to the Word of God.

June 4 2017

The Man of Lawlessness

We need to be aware of the coming of the lawless one, so we will be prepared but not scared.

May 28 2017

God is Just

God's judgment is just; He will punish unbelievers and reward faithful believers.

May 21 2017

How to Treat Each Other

We are called to esteem those who labor in the Lord and to love those who walk with us in Faith.

May 14 2017

God Has Not Destined Us for Wrath

Because of God's grace and mercy, we need not fear his wrath, but rather hope in the life we have in Him.

May 7 2017

Don't Grieve Like Those Who Have No Hope

God's promises concerning our future are an anchor of hope for our souls in the present.

April 30 2017

How You Ought to Walk and Please God

God's will is for us to live godly, sanctified lives. We should seek to live in such a way that pleases God.

April 23 2017

Abound in Love

We should thank God for the fellow believers He puts in our lives and pray for the Lord to increase our love for one another.

April 16 2017

You Accepted the Word of God

We need to receive the Bible as God's Word and allow it to perform its work in us.

April 9 2017

Walk in a Manner Worthy of God

Just as Paul and his companions ministered the gospel in godly ways, we should live our lives in a manner worthy of the God who calls us into His own kingdom and glory.

April 2 2017

We Give Thanks to God for You

We should thank God for believers who set the right example and send forth the gospel; we should strive to be that kind of Christian.

March 26 2017

The Conclusion of the Matter

Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.

March 5 2017

In God's Hands

Since our lives are in God's hands, we should devote ourselves to spending every day well.

February 26 2017

Being Under Authority

If we are wise, we will submit to the authorities in our lives and live under the fear of God while enjoying the life only He can give.

February 19 2017

No One is Righteous

Solomon recognized that no one is righteous. We realize that righteousness only comes through Jesus Christ.

February 5 2017

Money Can't Buy Happiness

We should not live our lives for things, because they can never satisfy. (see Psalm 37:4)

January 29 2017

Guard Your Steps

We need to guard our attitudes and actions in worship and center our lives on revering God and not chasing riches.

January 22 2017

Two Are Better than One

We need to walk with others in our lives, because two are better than one.

January 15 2017

A Time for Everything

Everything that God allows in our lives has its appropriate time; we should thank God in all circumstances that He is eternally in control.

January 8 2017

From the Hand of God

We need to seek the things that are from the hand of God, because all other activities leave us empty.

January 1 2017

Everything is Meaningless

If we don't center our lives around God, we will find it all to be meaningless.