Sunday School Lessons

PDF March 22 2020

Lot's Deliverance

This week we will consider God's righteous judgement side by side with His patient mercy.

March 15 2020

The Reassurance of the Lord

God renewed his covenant with Abraham and foretold of the miraculous birth of Isaac to demonstrate that nothing is impossible for God.

March 8 2020

The Faithfulness of God and Man

As we study this week, we will see that righteousness comes by faith, and look at man's tendency to doubt God. We will also consider the reassuring grace of God, and the Lord's providence in all situations.

March 1 2020

The Faithfulness of God

Our lesson this week focuses on God's faithfulness to keep in the midst of difficult circumstances.

February 23 2020

The Call of Abram

This week we will see that there are no heroes in the Bible except Christ, and we will learn that God calls us out of darkness and into His blessings by His grace alone

February 16 2020

The Tower of Babel

This week we will see how man's pride always leads to rebellion against God, how God disciplines us for our good, and how God always accomplishes His plans and purposes, even in the face of man's rebellion.

February 9 2020

God's Covenant with Noah

Today's lesson focuses on the covenant that God established with mankind through the line of Noah, a covenant that demonstrates God's mercy.

February 2 2020

The Flood

This week we will see what it looks like to walk in the favor of God, how God preserves us through the floods of life, and how He brings about peace where there was once chaos

January 26 2020

Increasing Corruption

This week we will be looking at sections of Genesis 4 and 6 and will consider how the world began to become more and more corrupt.

January 19 2020

The Fall

Our lessons leading up to this point have focused on God's good creation of the world and everything in it. As we move into chapter 3 of Genesis, there is a massive shift which will set the tone for the theme of the rest of Scripture.

January 12 2020

It is Not Good That Man Should Be Alone

This week will see how, from the very beginning, God's intention was for humans to live in fellowship with one another. We will also see how God ordained marriage as a sacred union and set it up in order to point us to the Gospel of Christ.

January 5 2020

It Was Good

We will see from this passage that the Triune God has always existed, that He has always been good, and that He created us in His image.

December 29 2019

The Radiance of God's Glory

Over the last four weeks we have seen the passages which tell of Jesus' birth. But Jesus' existence did not begin when He was born on earth

December 22 2019

Born for You a Savior

God orchestrated the birth of His Son to fulfill prophecy, to declare His good will to mankind, and to start the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

December 15 2019

Wise Men Seek Jesus

The coming of the wise men reminds us that Jesus is worthy of worship and God accomplishes His plans.

December 8 2019

Call His Name Jesus

Continuing our study of Matthew 1, our lesson today focuses on the angelís visit to Joseph and the significance of the naming of Jesus